Overcooked : Music re-imagined

Overcooked is a multi-player co-op game by Ghost Town Games and Team17 which sees its adorable characters preparing meals such as soup, burgers and fish & chips in an effort to save the world.

Its creators have kindly allowed players to use video footage from the game in whatever way they like. This inspired Leigh Marsh to compose and record original music for the introduction, menu and a section of the game play.

Several recording sessions were held to capture performances on clarinet and double bass, with all remaining music performed and recorded by Leigh Marsh.

Finally, the music was edited, mixed and synced to the footage in this video.

Note : visuals, sounds effects, stage completion tag are from original game (Overcooked 2016)



The compositions below were created for Australian Fashion Labels and their four key brands. Each brand has its own distinctive feel and style which needed to be conveyed in a short 30 second track. 


Contemporary - airy and light. 

Casual - dreamy and whimsical.

Feminine - gentle and atmospheric.

Versatile - playful and confident.



Leigh Marsh was commissioned to compose an original score for the film ‘Greenhide’ as part of Adelaide Cinémathèque's Silent Remasters series. The videos below are excerpts of the music created for this project. 'Greenhide' is used with kind permission of Umbrella Entertainment and the Charles Chauvel Estate. 

The inclusion of a band and dancer in this scene provided a unique opportunity to create music in a similar style to the popular swing music of the time.

Variations on this theme were used throughout the film where its cattle rustling antagonists appeared on screen. In this scene, a coin is tossed to determine whether or not they’ll take in the town show, or 'duff' some cattle from under the nose of 'Greenhide' Gavin.



Below are some examples of short compositions created during bursts of inspiration. 

Disconnect theme 1

Inspired by the disconnecting limbo of transit - riding the overnight bus, waiting at an airport terminal, taking a cab through a city at night.

Above and Below theme 3

This track could accompany a scuba diving experience in the tropics, or flying 10,000 feet in the air with the clouds below.

Strut theme 2

Somewhat ominous in feel, this piece evokes a late night walk through smoky city back streets. 

Past the gate theme 4

This piece features the unlikely trio of acoustic guitar, upright bass and tuba. Wistful, a little melancholic, yet hopeful.