While the needs of each project are different, I've given a brief overview of my creative process below.

I'm always excited to hear about new ideas, so please feel free to get in contact; I'm more than happy to have a casual chat or arrange a time to meet.



Ideas are workshopped, music and sound created to fit the mood, pace, length, style and context of your project. 


The composition is recorded in increments or in a group setting using a combination of live and MIDI instruments. Where required, additional musicians are brought in to perform. 


Editing and Mixing

The recorded music is edited, then mixed to create a balanced level and interaction between each instrument or sound. Once this stage is completed, a mixed version of the music is rendered.


Using the mixed version, the music is then mastered using a variety of post-production techniques. This unifies the overall sound of the recording and brings the level of playback up to standard.

A ‘mastered’ version of the music and sound is then rendered and provided to the client.



If you feel a piece of music on this website suits your project, please get in touch to discuss its use and any changes that may be required.

If you already have some music composed but are unsure about how to approach bringing this to your project, I may be able to assist.